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What is ST25 Rice? Where did it come from? Learn About ST25 rice?

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Everyone here must have heard the name “the best rice in the world” without knowing what or where this phrase is for that rice that sounds so proud. I would like to tell you that it is the title when talking about ST25 rice, a rice that won the “Best Rice in the World” award. So what do people know when it comes to ST25, where does it come from? the hybrid that produced the ST25 rice? Today’s article will help you get to know these issues better.


What kind of rice is ST25 rice?


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The kind of rice is ST25 rice


ST25 rice is a specialty of Soc Trang aromatic rice. This is the result of 20 years of research by the engineer Ho Quang Cua. The ST25 variety is the latest generation of the famous fragrant rice with many qualities classified as “superior”. From the selection of seeds to the sowing, the strict principles of the organic rice production process are followed to produce high quality rice seeds that are safe and healthy. The quality of ST25 rice has been recognized internationally when it achieved the title of “Best Rice in the World 2019” and won the second prize at the “Best Rice in the World 2020” competition held in the United States, which confirmed the superior product of Vietnamese rice seeds.


From July 2021, full moon squirrel rice ST25 of the Cua Quang Lake engineer is produced and packaged under the brand name “Ong Cua Rice” of Ho Quang Tri private enterprise. Currently, there are many ST25 rice brands in the market of Vietnamese rice companies, but Mr. Cua ST25 rice is the genuine ST25 rice grown and produced in Soc Trang by the engineer Ho Quang Cua.


How many type of ST25 rice are available?


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ST25 rice is white rice in long grain, not silver belly. After cooking, the rice is fragrant and does not bloom. Especially, let the rice remain soft and fragrant, without dryness and hardness. Currently, ST25 rice has 4 types: regular ST25 rice, rice ST25 shrimp, rice ST25 Gaba germ, rice ST25 Organic.


Traditionally grown ST25 rice: ST25 rice is typically rice grown according to traditional methods. The ST25 rice has high resistance, so in the process of cultivation without using chemical substances to prevent pests, it still ensures the quality of rice seeds.


Rice ST25 Rice shrimp: Rice ST25 rice shrimp is clean rice grown in the form of rotations of 1 rice crop and 1 shrimp crop. Rice plants absorb natural nutrients from shrimp farming and do not use any chemicals and chemical fertilizers, so ST25 rice is safe for consumers’ health. Rice ST25 Rice shrimp with 2 packages: 5kg bag and 2kg box with vacuum bag.


Rice ST25 Gaba germ: Rice ST25 Gaba germ uses rice ST25 shrimp grown on a rotational model of 1 crop of rice 1 crop of shrimp to ensure the safety for consumers’ health. GABA is a neurotransmitter that helps the brain function well, so it helps reduce anxiety symptoms, helps you sleep better; reduces Parkinson’s disease ; heals liver and kidney damage (in the early stages) ; reduces high blood pressure, diabetes, and is good for the heart.


Organic ST25 rice: Organic ST25 rice is cultivated according to the RICE – SHRIMP model (dry season of shrimp farming – rainy season of shrimp farming). To achieve organic standards, Mr. Crab ST25 Organic Rice has passed 255 strict test criteria from testing soil samples and water samples during cultivation to the excess amount of pesticides. Organic ST25 Rice (Mr. Crab Rice) meets US and European organic rice standards (Organic USDA ; EU Standard), non-GMO rice.


Who was it who discovered the ST25 rice variety?


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Engineer Ho Quang Cua is the father of the famous ST25 rice today. He was born in Hoa Dong rural poor commune, Vinh Chau coastal town, Soc Trang province. His childhood was associated with the field, the village.


In 1978, graduated in cultivation from Can Tho University, new engineer Ho Quang Cua returned to his hometown, took a position at the Agricultural Department of My Xuyen district. Before retiring, he held the position of Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) of Soc Trang province. It can be said that the life of the engineer Ho Quang Crab has always been closely associated with rice and rice seed.


Since 1991, he has joined the research team of the Mekong Delta Rice Institute (Mekong Delta) and the University of Can Tho to collect and test ancient Vietnamese aromatic rice varieties. At the same time, the Soc Trang soil engineer had the idea of making high-end aromatic rice for Vietnam, but firstly for his homeland. “Back in the day, Soc Trang’s Bai Sa land was famous for its good rice. Therefore, in my mind, I always cultivate hope, set myself the task of promoting the legacy of his father, taking the rice of his homeland further,” he shared.


Exactly 20 years ago, the delicious ST3 rice was recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as the national rice variety. So far, although ST3 has ended its role, thanks to the delicious and delicious genetic resources still circulating in ST rice later, in turn, it has been presented, creating important highlights, appreciated by the market. In 2008, the ST19, ST20 variety was popular on the market. The next years are “children” ST21, ST24, ST25… which surprised and conquered the public.


Mr. Cua said what he needed to do, he had already done it and was satisfied about it. Specifically, in the last 5 rice crops, despite the storm, he still sharpened and polished ST25 Vietnamese pearl seeds. Along with this is the completion of the appeal of ST25 brand in the United States; Vietnam rice brand ST24, ST25 has been protected throughout Europe.


Journey to create “the best rice in the world –  ST25”

Returning to the birth of the ST vFO rice variety in 1996, in one descent into the field, he discovered that there were strange rice plants, purple roots, very beautiful elongated seeds. When he saw that the rice trees were not the same as the previous ones, he thought he had caught gold. When carrying out the hybridization work, mass breeding of aromatic rice named ST was born.


There were about 1,050 mutants that were first collected by him and his colleagues, then grown experimentally, hybridized in various ways to select the most superior individuals for production. “More than 20 years ago, Thailand announced that it has bred two non-photosensitive aromatic rice varieties that they call yellow seeds. Why did they do it and I didn’t? So I think of the aromatic rice variety for Vietnam and Soc Trang (ST) rice research group was formed”, engineer Ho Quang Cua told.


In 2017, at the 9th International Conference on rice trading organized by The Rice Trader (Rice Trade Organization) in Macau, ST24 rice with outstanding qualities (short days, long grain, white, plastic rice, pineapple leaf aroma…) was honored as one of the 3 best rice types according to world standards; the first prize ST24 organic rice at the III Vietnam Rice Festival – Long An in 2018. In 2019, at the World’s Best Rice Competition in 2019, organized by The Rice Trader from November 10 to 13, 2019, ST25 of Ho Quang private enterprise (Soc Trang) excelled in surpassing Thai rice, winning the first prize in the competition.


According to the engineer Ho Quang Cua, this time, he and his colleagues brought 2 types of rice, ST24 and ST25. As a result, both types of rice are scored simultaneously with each other. Due to a bit of confusion, on the morning of November 12, 2019 (Vietnam time), the jury announced the ST24 variety as the best rice in the world in 2019. However, by the evening of November 12, 2019, the ST25 variety was selected as the best rice at this competition, officially announced on trtworldrice.com. With this result, Vietnam is proud that both ST24 and ST25 rice varieties were rated as the best rice in the world in 2019.


Where and how much ST25 rice to buy ?

Currently, based on the reputation as well as the quality of ST25 rice, this product is being counterfeited a lot. The packaging of the model is almost the same as the genuine product, but the quality is significantly reduced. In order to overcome the situation of “lost money”, customers need to find a place to buy at a reasonable price and quality is also guaranteed.


You can find it at major rice dealers, the oldest and most reputable business you know. In addition, products are also available at supermarkets and food stores. Typically, ST25- rice provided by Phuong Nam Food Joint Stock Company is always committed to providing consumers with clean rice criteria including: no mixing, no use of fragrance chemicals, clear origin and always sell at the listed price equal to or lower than the external market price.


The rice products that Phuong Nam Food Joint Stock Company provides on the market today such as ST series including ST25, ST24, ST25 rice shrimp, ST24 organic, ST brown rice red, ST brown rice purple coal…are cultivated in accordance with the cultivation process of each rice variety in the fields in the Mekong Delta. The processing steps from harvested rice to finished rice are also controlled step by step to ensure hygiene from receiving fresh rice to storing, drying, polishing, separating, packaging.


“ST25 Rice is always 100% “Clean – Standard – Right Price”.


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“ST25 Rice is always 100% “Clean – Standard – Right Price”. Gaophuongnam.vn


Customers who want to buy genuine ST25 rice can buy directly at:

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